Benefits of Building Screened Porches

Screened porches can be custom built and added on to your existing porch to make the space more comfortable to lounge in. Screening on a porch is usually done as a way to provide a happy medium between inside and outside. Many people enjoy sitting and relaxing outside without bugs or rain. Screening in a porch or building a sunroom allows for one to continue enjoying the outdoors but without the direct exposure to bugs, heat, freezing temperatures, or rain.

Screening an Existing Porch
In order to screen in an existing porch, we’ll have to begin by assessing if it is possible to do so with the given space. Because of the way that some porches are laid out, it may not be immediately possible without adding another wall or structure to the outside of the porch. If it is possible, we can either add screen windows that are made of a mesh-like material, or we can build frames that hold fiberglass walls or windows, similar to that of a sunroom.

Building a New Screened Porch
Building a new screened porch starts with adequate planning. We will have to measure the space you have available to see if this is possible. It is also important to note that many screened porches or sunrooms are typically towards the back of the home so that they are facing the sun and can receive direct sunlight and visibility. Having a sunroom at the front of the home where the sun is not direct can result in a darker room or fluctuating temperatures. Planning the location of your sunroom or screened porch is crucial.

One of the main benefits of a screened porch is that it offers protection to the individual lounging in it. If you don’t want to go directly outside, you can instead utilize your sunroom and take in the feeling of being outside, without actually having to! This is the perfect in-between for days when it’s too hot to actually sit outside, you want to eat without flies coming to your food, or you simply want to enjoy the sound of the rain without getting wet. Your screened porch or sunroom can also be a great place to nurse your plants and protect them from outdoor animals or pests.

Finally, the best part of a screened porch or sunroom is that they offer versatility for whatever mood you’re in or whatever the weather is like. If the weather permits one day, you can open up the windows and doors to the sunroom or open the screens to the screened porch for easy access. If you aren’t keen on interacting directly with the heat of the day or the sunlight, keep your screens closed and simply enjoy the brightness of the afternoon. You can utilize your sunroom or screened porch for many purposes, including a hangout place for your dog, a tranquil room for relaxation, or an extra space to house your patio furniture.  

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