Benefits of Staining a Deck

Deck staining services enable you to customize the appearance of your deck to your preferences and liking. With deck staining, we can add a staining solution to the top layer of your decking material, typically wood, to adjust the color by darkening or brightening it. Many clients opt for this for the method of customization so that they can have both the durability of wood for their deck and the option to choose its color as they see fit. It’s the best of both worlds – what more could you ask for?

Wood Staining
Staining wood is the main type of material that our industrial stains can be used on. We highly recommend using wood that can later be stained to fit your color needs. This is a great way to customize your wood and create the appearance that you always wanted. You can match your deck color to your home’s exterior or any existing surrounding fencing. If you need some inspiration on deck staining options, we’d be happy to provide our options and feedback on what would look best for your deck!

When it comes to deck staining, our main priority is to help you achieve the aesthetic that you have always wanted for your deck. We know that it can be challenging to find the right company that can work with you to customize your deck in any way that you see fit. That is exactly what we are here to do! We offer a range of customization services for your deck to help you tweak the color as much as possible so that you have the desired look that you expect. We can also provide maintenance and touch-ups if your deck requires re-staining or recoloring services.

The process of staining your deck is relatively simple and only requires a couple of hours of time. It is best to stay in the deck when it has been cleaned and completely dried. This allows us to apply the stain to the deck without any interference of dirt, buildup, or other dust and outdoor debris. Once your deck has been completely and thoroughly cleaned, we can then apply the stain to the top layer of the wood which then penetrates the wood slightly to alter its hue. It does not compromise the integrity of your wood nor does it make the wood fragile or any less long-lasting.

When it comes to staining your deck, you do not have to worry about too much general upkeep to maintain the color and beauty of the deck. We recommend power washing it from time to time and allowing us to provide touch-ups and re-staining services to brighten the color if it begins to fade over time. Our touch-ups and re-staining services are incredibly affordable and designed to give you a fresh-looking deck, whenever your current one could use some TLC. Otherwise, maintaining the appearance of your deck has never been easier, and keeping it beautiful can be as simple as ever!

Please reach out to us if you have any questions about our deck staining service we offer to the community of Mobile, AL and the surrounding areas.  

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